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La Nuit by RobynSmile La Nuit :iconrobynsmile:RobynSmile 2 1
C'était sur une grande route, je marchais là depuis des jours
Voire des semaines ou des mois, je marchais là depuis toujours
Une route pleine de virages, de trajectoires qui dévient
Un chemin un peu bizarre, un peu tordu comme la vie
Evidemment j'étais pas tout seul, j'avais envie de faire conaissance
Y avait un tas de personnes, et personne marchait dans le même sens
Alors je continuais tout droit mais un doute s'est installé
Je savais pas ce que je foutais là, encore moins où je devais aller
Mais en chemin au fil du temps j'ai fait des sacrées rencontres
Des trucs impressionnants, faut absolument que je vous raconte
Ces personnages que j'ai croisé ce ne sont pas vraiment des êtres humains
Tu peux parler avec eux mais jamais leur serrer la main
Tout d'abord sur mon parcours j'ai rencontré l'innocence
Un être doux, très gentil mais qui manque un peu d'expérienc
:iconrobynsmile:RobynSmile 0 0
These Times by RobynSmile These Times :iconrobynsmile:RobynSmile 1 0 Abstract Winter Tree by RobynSmile Abstract Winter Tree :iconrobynsmile:RobynSmile 2 2 Flowers by RobynSmile Flowers :iconrobynsmile:RobynSmile 1 3 Un Oiseau by RobynSmile Un Oiseau :iconrobynsmile:RobynSmile 1 6 Lily by RobynSmile Lily :iconrobynsmile:RobynSmile 2 8
Enchanting Dance
You know me, I can be crazy,
'cause when I have fun I’m never lazy.
On the dance floor we look so cool,
you enjoy my look really good.
We’re in the crowd… The music is loud,
but everything is better when you’re around.
You know how to treat me,
so I’ll give you the best of me.
I’ve been searching you so long,
but you were in front of my eyes, even when I was wrong.
Right now, right here is our time, our place, our moment…
I see your smile when you hold my hand.
Baby, you got me shining,
Oh, you are more than everything…
I’ll make this night fantastic,
'cause tonight you became my only star
and I let you steal my heart… 
:iconrobynsmile:RobynSmile 0 4
I’m giving all I got,
that’s not a shock.
You can see it – I’m a born winner,
so just let me to be the leader.
Oh, you’re so special…
Then I’ll make you happier.
Don’t say me “Goodbye”,
'cause if you leave me I will make you cry.
Remember, I trust my own instincts,
I can never give up on my dreams…
It’s so sad when you have everything
and it’s never enough…
Just don’t worry about trifles,
'cause best memories come from bad decisions.
Everything starts as nothing,
but I need to feel your passion.
And after this all your dreams you could imagine
will become an amazing reality.
Leave your dark past,
destroy your problems…
And I’ll give you everything you need.
So don’t think about the future,
when I’m the commander,
Whatever is meant to be, it will be.
In the end
we just regret
the chances
we didn’t take.
If you understand this,
we can make some magic.
:iconrobynsmile:RobynSmile 0 0
Forget Me
You used to give me clouds of laugh.
And soon you became just a rain of tears.
I tried to show you the waterfall of powers,
But you only saw my years.
So I give you the wind of the freedom.
You will remember how kind I was with you
when I wasted my time with you.
So you won’t see the happy fire into my eyes.
I’m not going to give you a second chance,
‘cause I never do the same mistake twice.
Maybe you don’t need my advice,
but… How can you want everything
when you don’t even share anything?
With this way you can find only nothing.
And now you see the truth:
You gotta give something to love,
Just to keep what you love.
No more tears, my heart is dry.
I don’t laugh and I don’t cry,
I don’t think about you all the time,
But when I do, I wonder why.
We had our try, that’s fine.
But now I have to fly, saying you “Goodbye”.
:iconrobynsmile:RobynSmile 0 4
That Hot Moment
I get really really mad,
When he send me those kisses in the chat,
cause I think -''He gives them to every girl he knows!"
But that feeling... here it goes...
That strong beating in my chest,
He makes me forget all the rest...
And only think about his words...
Then everything around just blubs...
It's only his burning desire,
to taste his lips, to feel you're on fire...
it gets hot and you shiver...
Your eye are filled with glitter...
You know girl, that his hug,
will fast become your drug.
:iconrobynsmile:RobynSmile 1 6
I can deal, while
I can heal
some bad emotions that somebody else don't want to feel.
I know what is real.
So I can climb lots of complicated ''hills'',
even when I'm ill.
I always give
to find the things that I need.
And I don't skip
nothing from the friendship.
So sometimes I think really deep
for the things that nobody can see.
One life is not enough to live it right.
Maybe this can happen into another life,
where everyone can find in the air
what is fair.
Emotions should kill no soul.
It's not the end that I know.
I walk into my thoughts.
I understand the true trough some mirrors.
Sometimes I can feel somebody's fear.
So I don't really like when I see sad tears.
You might think that I'm with a heart of a dreamer
and with a brain of a killer.
I don't easily trust.
I always do what I must.
Everyone can become the first.
So I never give my worst.
What happens shouldn't make us lost
into our dark thoughts.
We are coming from nothing.
We are existing.
Then we are becoming again nothing.
:iconrobynsmile:RobynSmile 2 5
Fantasy Thinking Girl by RobynSmile Fantasy Thinking Girl :iconrobynsmile:RobynSmile 1 3 Teavelling Girl ^.^ by RobynSmile Teavelling Girl ^.^ :iconrobynsmile:RobynSmile 3 3 Fantasy by RobynSmile Fantasy :iconrobynsmile:RobynSmile 8 18 Music by RobynSmile Music :iconrobynsmile:RobynSmile 5 2




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